¡Our Vision, our dreams!

Our Company

We are a Luxembourgish-based joint-venture of coffee lovers who share the passion for high-quality coffee. We concentrate on the processing of very high quality, selected coffee specialities that we have identified in places all around the world. In this undertaking we devote maximum care and devotion -from the plant, up to the preparation in the cup- for the perfect taste experience.


At Golden Bean we strongly believe that a close cooperation and direct dialogue with the farmers has a positive impact on quality and fair trade, which we take to an even higher level by engaging in direct trade with the farmers thus avoiding intermediaries and tolls that we better leave to the farmers. Consequently, we only roast coffee from single farms and cooperatives that we have visited and know well. This also goes fully in line with our leitmotivs of sustainability, product ethics and health consciousness. And to make this count our customers can trace back all our coffees from the shop back to their origins in the coffee plantations.